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Mai Se Maa Tak

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Being a mother is the most beautiful and magical phase of a woman's life. Feeling the kicks and heartbeat inside you is an experience which only women are blessed with. But it is not as easy as it sounds. A mother has to face a lot of challenges be it physically, emotionally, or mentally.

“Mai se maa tak” is a book written by Mrs. Ankita Jain which discusses all these things.

This is a book that explains the journey of her pregnancy. It contains experiences of her and many other fellow women.

The idea of this book emerged when during her pregnancy she was searching for a book that helps her in understanding the changes she is going through in the most beautiful phase of her life. She finds books of foreign authors but unable to get any book that is written considering Indian mindsets and culture.

There starts the journey from being “Her” to “Mother”. She started writing a weekly column named “Maa in making” in the newspaper “Prabhat Khabar”.It was taken hand in hand and She became the friend and online help to many women sailing in the same boat.

The journey ended up in the shape of a book. It serves as a reference not only to the women going through the same phase but also to the males in understanding the problems which female encounters, the help which she expects from her family especially from the husband.

It is one of those books which discuss the important points like when to call for doctor, meanings, and explanations of some important medical terminology, importance and usage of home remedies, behavior, and emotional traumas of this phase and easy suggestions to handle them.

The writer also discusses how each pregnancy differs and how the short term memory loss, taste buds, and daily chores take a toll now and then.

When I read the book it fills me a lot of emotions. I cried, overwhelmed, laughed, and whatnot. Some people asked me that you are not even married why are you reading this book? “So my take on that is My relationship status or not being a mother yet can’t stop me reading from this book or any other book for that matter. A girl has motherhood in her genes from the day she born.”

I can say if you are pregnant read this if anyone in the family is going through this phase than also go for it. It is going to help a lot and answer any question which left unanswered due to shyness or any other reason.

The importance of the book can be well understood when the author gets applaud and thanks in the inbox as well as on social media. It is not only embraced by female readers but also by a huge community of male readers as well.

The language of the book is easy and it is divided into various chapters. That makes the book more readable. It also contains the dialects that the elderly ladies use to compare there pregnancy with the younger generation which gives you a feeling like “ye to hamare yaha bhi hota hai” that’s why making the reading more relatable and joyful. So if you want to experience the journey from being a woman to mother go for it!!!

I wish Ankita Jain all the best for her future commitments.

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